Ant Control in Central Florida

Ants target homes, lawns and invade kitchens and pantries in the search of food. Some varieties inflict painful stings that can endanger children and pets. Once ants establish themselves they aggressively defend their colonies and cause havoc for homeowners.



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Small Pests Cause Big Problems

Over 450 ant species exist in North America alone, and they range in size, color and shape. In Florida, Tawny Crazy Ants or Caribbean Crazy Ants seek out tight crevices and cause damage to electrical equipment.

Ants Do Not Go Away On Their Own

Ants continue to multiply and invade. Contact Falcon Lawn & Pest for a free inspection, and let us eliminate the pests for you. Fire ants and other ant species can cause serious harm to people and animals, so keep a safe distance away from the pests until our certified team arrives and treats your home.  Call us today.