b2ap3_thumbnail_Bed-Bug-3.jpgDuval County Public Schools in conjunction with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences are trying to prevent the spread of bed bugs in Jacksonville.

“Bed Bugs and Book Bags” is an initiative that teaches students how to identify the parasitic bugs and how to deal with them.  It’s an actual curriculum where teachers in the public schools devote class time to educating their students about the bugs.

The program, which started in 2012, has been a smashing success leading to its duplication across the country, in Canada and in some Middle Eastern countries.

It’s a part of a larger effort in Duval County called the Jacksonville Bed Bug Task Force. The task force was instrumental in helping Trinity Rescue Mission in Jacksonville almost completely eradicate its bed bug population. It’s also been tasked with providing information at health fairs and community events.

“Bed Bugs and Book Bags” is currently available to third through fifth grade students with students gradually learning more as they progress in age. The plan is to expand it to sixth through eighth graders in the near future.