Lawn & Shrub Care


Keeping your lawn beautiful is a year-round job, so it can be tricky to take care of your grass and plants while also keeping landscape damaging insects at bay. If you want a lawn that you can be proud to call your own, it’s important to focus on the three main areas of concern: turf, shrubs, and trees.


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Necessary Lawn Care

One of the main parts of taking care of your yard is taking good care of your grass. It is important to focus on things like irrigation and soil quality. Falcon Lawn and Pest can test and treat your soil and grass to ensure insect and fungus control along with proper nutrition.



Plant, Shrub and Tree Care

Every plant, shrub, and tree in Central Florida has its own unique vulnerability to pests and diseases. For each plant to thrive, specific nutritional needs must be met. Falcon’s professionals can identify the specific program that will work best for your unique landscape and removes the burden associated with a healthy, lush lawn.