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Elaine - Kissimmee, FL         05/25/2016
I want to leave feedback today so that your company is aware of the amazing asset Adrian is to Falcon Pest Control. We appreciate Adrian and look forward to seeing him every time he's on his way to make sure our home is pest free! Our children know him by name and anticipate his arrival. It's people like Adrian that make a differences businesses America today. He is such a breath of fresh air, friendly, respectful, and integral. He is appreciated in this residence and as a business owner myself I totally believe that having employees like Adrian is what sets you a part from the rest in the business game. It is now a relationship with Falcon Pest Control and Adrian not just a business. Adrian if you ever get the chance to see this. Thank you for making a difference in our lives through Pest Control. YOU ROCK!!!
Elaine - Kissimmee, FL 05/25/2016
Erica - Orlando, FL         05/11/2016
My technician Kevin does an outstanding job taking care of my lawn! I wanted to take the time to acknowledge him for all that he does and to let him know that I truly appreciate all of his hard work!
Erica - Orlando, FL 05/11/2016
Earl M - Maitland, FL         04/18/2016
My technician is an outstanding man. I had a bad ant problem and was amazed at how quickly he took care of it. I am very pleased.
Earl M - Maitland, FL 04/18/2016
Patricia - Orlando, FL         03/13/2015
My technician Dewy did a great job doing our inspection. He was very pleasant.
Patricia - Orlando, FL 03/13/2015
Patrick - Oviedo, FL         01/15/2015
Every visit of your technicians over the past several years has been wonderful. We live in a paradise, for insects and creepy, crawly things, and your service has keep them at bay. I think it is good to be noticed, and informed when you continue to do such good works. I tell my friends and neighbors, hoping to relieve their stress. Thank you so very much, because, though I love bugs, I do think they need to be kept in check, in their environment, and not in mine! Also, my wife is scared of bugs, and if she sees one that got in through an open door, it becomes an event for all to see! Thank you for quality service, that is thorough, and for technicians who are tidy, clean, neat, and really please home owners and residents!
Patrick - Oviedo, FL 01/15/2015
Joel W - Longwood, FL         12/10/2014
Elliot completed my termite inspection a short while ago. I wanted to let you know that it was the most complete inspection that any Falcon employee completed. In addition, Elliot is very friendly & informative and is an asset to your company.
Joel W - Longwood, FL 12/10/2014
Richard N - Apopka, FL         11/20/2014
I wanted to let Mike's bosses know how helpful he is and that he does an exceptional job servicing my home.
Richard N - Apopka, FL 11/20/2014
Marvin K - Casselberry, FL         11/20/2014
Falcon does a really good service and I am very impressed. I haven't had any bugs inside my house since I started with Falcon. My technician Josh is very nice, polite, clean and timely.
Marvin K - Casselberry, FL 11/20/2014
Everett L - Windermere, FL         11/20/2014
I appreciate the recent lawn services, our tech is conscientious and concerned about the health of my lawn.
Everett L - Windermere, FL 11/20/2014

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