Longwood, FL Pest Control & Lawn Service

For centuries, Longwood, Florida, was easy to recognize thanks to the towering form of the ancient tree known as The Senator. This bald cypress was the oldest such tree in the world, and it rose a staggering 125 feet in the air. Arson destroyed the tree in 2012, but Longwood residents continue to find their way home thanks to the warm, welcoming community in Seminole County.

With lush greenery and a warm climate, Longwood is also recognizable to countless pests. If you want to protect your home or business, be sure to know the service options from Falcon Lawn & Pest.

Residential Pest Control

Signs of a residential pest problem can be subtle at first. Some pests cause damage to your surfaces or your walls. Others may leave droppings. You may see holes in your food containers or see trails of crumbs. These signs usually indicate that an infestation has started and immediate action must be taken. When you call Falcon Lawn & Pest, we will check every inch of your home. This allows us to see where the infestation has started and how far it has progressed. Once we know this information, we will come up with a safe and effective eradication plan with options for follow up treatment.

Commercial Pest Control

At the commercial level, pest problems often get bigger and cause more problems. Commercial buildings tend to be larger, which means there are more places for pests to hide. Worse, if your property stores any amount of food, pests are almost a given. When it comes to pests, your business is on the line. Call as soon as you see any indication of pests. Better still, consider routine maintenance programs. This type of service allows you to stop a pest problem before it even starts. We understand that this type of prevention carries a cost, but we know that it is a worthwhile investment.

Lawn Services

Most people only worry about pest problems when they reach the indoors. The truth is that your pest problem probably starts in your yard. With lawn service from Falcon Lawn & Pest, we can control pest problems where they start. Our yard service is more than pest control, however. We work hard to keep your yard attractive, healthy and utterly vibrant.

Protect Your Longwood Property Today

Longwood, Florida, is your home. Do not share it with pests. At Falcon Lawn & Pest, our experience allows us to combat the following pests.

You never have to live with pests. Contact Falcon Lawn & Pest to get a free service quote now.