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Wanted to know exactly what having a professional pest control service is like?

Falcon uses the most advanced materials and proven Integrated Pest Management methods designed to give you a pest free home.  All materials used are placed in inaccessible areas, away from your family and pets. By using the latest in bait technology, no indoor "spraying" is necessary for effective treatment.  After the initial infestations are eliminated, all other treatments are directed at the exterior. This intercepts insects before they get in your home, and frees you from meeting technicians every month. 


Our service includes a 12 foot perimeter of protection to keep insects away from your home.  If you have any problems with any covered insect, either inside or outside, additional service is free of charge, guaranteed. It covers all crawling insects, also wasps, spiders, indoor fleas & ticks, indoor rats/mice, and mosquitoes. Have any further questions? Give us a call at 407-281-8815.

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When planning the most efficient electric grids or water networks, designers might want to look to ants for inspiration.



"The striking thing about ants is that they build their networks without any central planning. Unlike human systems, there is no single ant having the big picture," says Arianna Bottinelli, a math professor at the Uppsala University, in Finland. By studying these networks, Bottinelli has created a mathematical solution to apply these networks to human planning. Learn more about this cool concept here.

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Ants are known for their work ethic. These tiny, strong insects and how their colony grows and interacts are commonly attributed to their team work and highly collaborative nature. However, a recent study revealed that not the entire colony is focused on getting the job done. Shockingly, 25% of ants observed never worked, while 72% slacked off half the time. Less than 3% of ants observed worked all the time. So much for calling them “worker” ants! For more on this study click here.


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Zombies are among us. In fact, according to the Smithsonian, Zombies have existed among us here on earth for millions of years. While the subject at hand may seem like it’s straight out of a horror movie, in reality, it has been happening in the wild for longer than we ever imagined. This zombie transformation occurs when a parasitoid fungus attacks an ant’s brain and forces them to behave in a zombie-like state. The parasitoid fungus manipulates the host brain into attaching itself to a leaf where the fungus thrives. As the parasitoid fungus feeds, the fungus will eventually kill the ant and will release itself back into the air as spores. 

Even crazier is that this mind-take over has been occurring for millions of years as evidenced by fossils that reveal signs of these zombie inducing fungal parasites. For more on this creepy story, click here.

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They may be tiny and fluffy but velvet ants are much tougher than they look. Female varieties are brightly colored to ward off potential predators. If their bright coloring doesn’t keep enemies away, they will be sure to sting any creature that tries to make a meal of them. It also can make a distinct sound when under attack. Check out this interesting ant and how it fights back!

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