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Returning home after the holiday weekend? Bed bugs are popping up everywhere from schools to movie theaters and hotels are no exception. Follow these tips upon your arrival home to be sure you’re not bringing any unwanted guests back with you!

  • Carefully inspect luggage for the presence of bed bugs or blood stains.
  • Using a brush, scrub luggage and personal items focusing on corners and crannies where bugs and eggs may be hiding in the seams and folds. Vacuum along seams on to eliminate any bugs, eggs or residue
  • Wash clothing in hot water and set the dryer on the highest heat. 




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Despite their name, bed bugs seem to be popping up everywhere. These little hitchhiking pests frequent a variety of places beyond hotel rooms like movie theaters, libraries, hospitals, schools and even stores. Be on the lookout this holiday shopping season for the signs to avoid bringing home bed bugs and risk ruining your holiday season.


Before trying on clothing, inspect for stains that may be blood spots left by feeding bed bugs. Inspect items for live bed bugs that may have attached themselves, paying close attention to seams and crevices where they may be hiding or have laid eggs. Check behind the fitting room mirror and any other crevices where bed bugs may be hiding. Hang the clothing up and do not allow it to rest on the floor or near any upholstered surface. If you suspect the clothing displays signs of bed bugs, inform the store manager. 

After purchasing clothing, wash with hot water to eliminate any pests or germs that you may have missed. If you suspect your home has bed bugs, call Falcon Lawn & Pest at 1-800-532-5266.

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Twenty years ago, bed bugs were so rare they were practically a myth. On the contrary, thanks to a resistance to pesticides and an increase in global travel over the last decade, bed bugs are now popping up everywhere. But where did these nightmare pests originate? We may have bats to thank. “The bat lineage probably dates back to when bats and humans once shared caves.”


For more click here

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Bed bugs are a tiny pest but a big problem. In recent years, these pests have come back with a bang. The recent surge has sparked both disgust and intrigue. Author, Brooke Borel, traveled to the National Institute of Public Health in the Czech Republic, a new hot bed for bed bugs, to gain a better understanding of the insect from František Rettich.  

Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers so it’s easy to see why bed bugs were very common in times of war throughout Europe. Within the Czech Republic, these pests were common during WWII and again when the Soviets invaded the country. “During the rest of the communist era, the bugs were rare, in part because travel outside of the country was strictly limited and the bugs were susceptible to pyrethroids.” The worldwide comeback tour of bed bugs emerged over the last ten years thanks to an increase in tourism and insecticide resistance; the Czech Republic was hit hard.


These pests are experts at hiding, very small in size and resistant to many types of pesticides which make them very difficult to eradicate. DIY measures are also pointless measures against bed bugs. “The oils and essences don’t do much more than make the bed bugs smell good,” said Rettich. The only defense if you are unfortunate enough to encounter bed bugs is a licensed professional. They know how to prep the area, where to treat and how to prevent them from coming back. The faster you take action, the better. 

Read an excerpt from Brooke Borel's book, "Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took Over the World."

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Bed Bugs are becoming quite a rampant issue in the Big Apple. While this issue is no laughing matter, we recently stumbled across some amusing tips from the Huffington Post’s, Maxwell Strachan, on how to avoid these nasty little blood suckers should you plan on visiting the beloved city anytime soon.


Our favorite piece of advice? Number 58: “Cry. Let it all out.” That sounds like a typical reaction; it won't rid you of bed bugs none the less. For more of his comical advice click here

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