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Posted by on in Lawn Care

Nosy neighbors? Consider these beautiful shrubs to make your yard more discreet and secluded from the outside world. These plants thrive in Florida’s climate and will give you back your much needed privacy. Falcon's Lawn & Shrub care experts can ensure these shrubs are well fertilized and protected so they are lush and healthy to provide you with the privacy you deserve. 


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Posted by on in Rodents

As the weather cools, squirrels and rodents begin their search for shelter. Attics just like yours are the perfect hide outs for winter! While they may look small and cute, these little guys can put your home at risk for electrical fires, introduce allergens and leave behind horrendous odors.



To keep these guys out, be sure to seal any holes or cracks that may be potential entry points to your home. Keep trees trimmed and branches cut back 6 to 8 feet from the structure of your home.

Some tell-tale signs that rodents could have gained entry into your attic are finding droppings, seeing chewing marks on wires, insulation and walls or if you are hearing scratching or scurrying in the walls or above. If you suspect squirrels or rodents have moved into your attic, it’s best to act quickly and contact a Falcon Lawn & Pest professional to inspect and treat the issue.

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Posted by on in Wasps

Who would win in a fight? An ant or a wasp? This video shot in Australia provides a unique glimpse of a showdown between these two fierce insects. Who reigns supreme in the end? Watch and see.

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Posted by on in Wasps

Spiders are not nearly as spooky as these guys! Parasitic Wasps are now being used as an expensive last resort pest control measure. These wasps lay eggs directly into the host, like a caterpillar or a horse fly. After the eggs hatch, they eat their way out, eventually killing the host. Farmers love these zombie-like wasps as an alternative pest control option for their crops as well as for protection against horseflies, which can threaten their horses and livestock with diseases and infection.


Check out this cringe-worthy video of these larvae in action!  

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Posted by on in Videos

You may be asking yourself, “Why would anyone want to make more cockroaches?” On the contrary, this new kind of roach developed by scientists in Russia is not your typical pest. While it was designed specifically to mimic the size, behaviors and movements of a cockroach, this is a robot. 

According to Sputnik, this little guy “can carry up to a 10-gram payload making it of interest to the military, as a miniature robot with a portable camera can penetrate into hard-to-reach places.” After all these years, the pests that have disgusted us the most are finally very interesting.

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