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Rats are known to have lots of traits that serve in their favor. They have collapsible skeletons to help them fit through tight spaces, strong teeth to chew through your electrical wiring and the ability to reproduce rapidly to populate your home or office with their rodent offspring as fast as possible. Not to mention their incredible sense of smell to help them sniff out food in your kitchen. Together, all of these traits create a true pest. b2ap3_thumbnail_rat_paper1.png

On the contrary, rats in Cambodia are being put to work. Their excellent smelling power is now working against hidden landmines below the surface. The rats can detect the presence of TNT and in return, a piece of banana! A small price to pay for the important work they are doing. Listen to the full story here.

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Why do mosquitoes bite? To provide protein for egg development, female mosquitoes must collect blood from hosts, or innocent people. They inject their saliva beneath the skin, which will eventually turn into an annoying itchy bump. Depending on how your body reacts, the bite may be very itchy or even life threating. You can learn a lot about how you react to mosquito bites. Check it out!

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A Pest-Free home starts with a clean foundation. Ants and fruit flies are common in kitchens as they like to feed on pet food or left over food particles you may have missed while cleaning. Cockroaches will eat just about anything from food crumbs to hair, and even dead roaches! Removing these food sources encourages pests to seek shelter elsewhere, where there are better feeding opportunities. Check out these tips from Pest World for a Pest-Proof Kitchen.

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Protecting yourself outdoors this summer isn't just about wearing sunscreen. Lyme disease is a frightening reality associated with something as simple as a tick bite. Knowing what to look out for is important in protecting you and your family this summer. Here’s a quick video from NBC’s Today Show that shows you what signs to look for.


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By now, we know mosquitoes love biting us; some more than others. Just like people are attracted to different characteristics in another person, mosquitoes rely on their instincts to help them decide who they want to sink their teeth into next. Your CO2 levels are a dominating factor in how attractive you are to mosquitoes. Learn more about what makes these annoying pests swoon.

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