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President Obama says that there are now at least 500 confirmed Zika Virus cases in the continental United States that are all travel related at this point. He says that he is concerned about what happens during this summer when mosquito populations are far more active. He is asking congress for 1.9 billion dollars for investing time and research and action into vector control and vaccines. Regardless of your political stance, this is extremely important that this money is released because this is a deadly serious virus, as the President says in the video below, you don't get a vaccine overnight. The video below was released by the White House on May 20, 2016 and it features the President explaining the Zika virus and the reasons he is asking for money from congress to combat it.

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Well, it's that time of year again in Central Florida. With the rise of humidity and temperature, insects are looking for shelter and food, and they find it inside our homes. Roaches, ants, and spiders are more prevalently found indoors these days because of those reasons. The grass in our yards is starting to grow well again due to that glorious sun being coming out and staying out, along with the increase in moisture and heat. This is so great, our lawns become filled in, and the "green" comes back in such a vivid and pretty way. Unfortunately, it also brings along weeds and other plants which compete with the grass for space, sunlight, and nutrients. Here at Falcon Lawn & Pest, we specialize in taking care of those weeds and ridding your home of those bugs. Our prices are good and our service is outstanding. Maybe it's about time you gave us a call.

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USA Today has put out a vast video and image friendly report on how the local governments in the gulf states (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana) are doing in dealing with the mosquitoes bringing in the Zika Virus to the United States. Some of it is great to know, other parts quite sobering, but either way it's very much worth taking a look at. Please check it out here.

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It is so very important to stay informed on the updates that are coming out regarding the Zika virus. One of the main reasons this is important is that it seems like a large amount of contradictory information is finding its way into the media landscape. If we can take in whats reported, and try to sift through the most relevant information, we may have a decent idea of what it is that is taking place. The Technical Director here at Falcon found the following two articles to be of particular interest regarding the ike Virus and it's on-going effects:

Zika Virus Infecting Hospitality Industry (Multibriefs)

CDC Sounds Warning on Zika Virus (USA Today)


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For a large downloadable version of the map by NSF, click here. The NSF has a quote that just about everyone living in the United States will want to know: 

"Summertime weather conditions are favorable for populations of the mosquito along the East Coast as far north as New York City and across the southern tier of the country as far west as Phoenix and Los Angeles, according to specialized computer simulations by the researchers.

Spring and fall conditions can support low to moderate populations of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in more southern regions of its U.S. range. Wintertime weather is too cold for the species outside southern Florida and southern Texas, the study found."

Unfortunately for us Floridians, our states climate remains a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes and along with it, the Zika virus. Protect yourselves and stay safe. Take a look at the original NSF report here

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