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Posted by on in Bed Bugs

Heavy books and homework may not be the only thing your kids are bringing home from school. More reports of bed bugs in schools across the country are coming in every day. Just as it sounds, it can mean a major headache.

Over the past decade, the number of reported bed bug infestations has exploded. This growth is a result of a built resistance to a pesticide that nearly made them extinct years ago. No longer are these pests associated with dingy hotel rooms as infestations are occurring everywhere from libraries to movie theaters and now schools.



The only effective means of eradicating bed bugs is a professional removal service but the high price tag can deter people away in favor of do-it-yourself solutions that only make matters worse. The first line of defense is early detection. Inspect your student's belongings inside books, back packs, lunch boxes and anything else they may be bringing home where these pests might hitch a ride. Parents with bed bug problems at home are encouraged to call their children's principals so the school is on alert for any issues that may arise.

For more information on bed bugs, click here

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Posted by on in Termites

Most termite damage in North America is from soil-dwelling, subterranean termites, which are very common throughout Florida. These tiny insects construct intricate underground tunnels in search of food. When they reach a cellulose-rich structure, like a dead tree or your home, the feast begins.


These silent destroyers are to blame for more than $5 billion in property damage each year, damage not protected by homeowners insurance. Although termites can be difficult to spot with the naked eye, some tell-tale signs include mud tubes, cracked or bubbling paint and soft wood that sounds hollow when tapped. It’s very important to keep vigilant and check for these signs on a regular basis so if you do spot something unusual you can act fast.

Experts at Falcon Lawn & Pest offers these tips to keep termites from making a meal of your home:

  • Keep attics and crawl spaces dry and well ventilated.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture and standing water around your property like leaking faucets, pipes and AC units on the outside of the home.
  • Divert water away from your house through properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.
  • Repair soffits and rotted roof shingles.
  • Replace weather stripping and repair loose mortar around basement foundation and windows.
  • Dispose of any wood scraps and store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house.

Call 1-800-532-5266 to schedule your free termite inspection or click here for more information.

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Returning home after the holiday weekend? Bed bugs are popping up everywhere from schools to movie theaters and hotels are no exception. Follow these tips upon your arrival home to be sure you’re not bringing any unwanted guests back with you!

  • Carefully inspect luggage for the presence of bed bugs or blood stains.
  • Using a brush, scrub luggage and personal items focusing on corners and crannies where bugs and eggs may be hiding in the seams and folds. Vacuum along seams on to eliminate any bugs, eggs or residue
  • Wash clothing in hot water and set the dryer on the highest heat. 




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Posted by on in Bed Bugs

Despite their name, bed bugs seem to be popping up everywhere. These little hitchhiking pests frequent a variety of places beyond hotel rooms like movie theaters, libraries, hospitals, schools and even stores. Be on the lookout this holiday shopping season for the signs to avoid bringing home bed bugs and risk ruining your holiday season.


Before trying on clothing, inspect for stains that may be blood spots left by feeding bed bugs. Inspect items for live bed bugs that may have attached themselves, paying close attention to seams and crevices where they may be hiding or have laid eggs. Check behind the fitting room mirror and any other crevices where bed bugs may be hiding. Hang the clothing up and do not allow it to rest on the floor or near any upholstered surface. If you suspect the clothing displays signs of bed bugs, inform the store manager. 

After purchasing clothing, wash with hot water to eliminate any pests or germs that you may have missed. If you suspect your home has bed bugs, call Falcon Lawn & Pest at 1-800-532-5266.

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Posted by on in Community

Today we give thanks for all our blessings. From all of us at Falcon Lawn & Pest, Have a very happy Thanksgiving!


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