Orlando, FL Pest Control & Lawn Services

Orlando, Florida may be know as the theme park capital of the United States, but it is also a welcoming area for families who enjoy warm weather yearlong. The metropolitan area boasts over 2.5 million individuals, making it the third largest area in the state. It is a busy tourist spot all year long for visitors to Walt Disney World, Sea World and more. However, because of all of the travel in and around the area as well as the very warm, humid climate, Orlando can also be a popular place for pests to multiply.

Residential Pest Control

If your home is truly to be your castle, you will want to feel safe and secure in it. Pests can make your home uncomfortable, unwelcoming and even unsafe. Many pests breed disease or ruin food and water sources depending on where they are living. With residential pest control services from Falcon Lawn & Pest, we provide quick care for the pests that may already be in your home or yard, and we also go the extra mile to ensure that the environment is unwelcoming to the most problematic pests. We use environmentally sound products and participate in the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial buildings and businesses are certainly not immune to becoming homes for pests either. Sometimes, the environments in certain businesses make pest control difficult. However, no one likes to work with pests underfoot or hiding in corners, ceilings or pipes. That is why Falcon provides commercial pest control to such types of buildings as hospitals and veterinary clinics, hotels and condominiums, office buildings, restaurants, schools and even parking garages.

Lawn Services

A gorgeous lawn creates a marvelous first impression for any home or business. Our lawn services include maintaining lush and drought-resistant lawns, fertilizing and aerating lawns, controlling insect populations outdoors, reducing and removing weeds and providing fall and winter treatments. We believe that solid year-round care is the best way to create a beautiful yard that is completely worry-free. With our lawn services combined with our shrub, tree and palm tree care, we can create a gorgeous oasis for your family or a beautiful vista for your clients or guests.

Pest Services Offered

Falcon Lawn & Pest treats many of the most common pests that bother Orlando home and business owners, including the following:

Pests can become a thing of the past when you choose regular professional services for your home or business. Contact Falcon Lawn & Pest today to get a free quote on service for your area and to learn more about our services.