Oviedo, FL Pest Control & Lawn Service

Although Oviedo, Florida, is still a part of the Orlando metropolitan area approximately 20 miles away, it is far enough removed to have more of a small-town feel with historical buildings and a gorgeous downtown. The city continues to grow as people want to move further away from the busy tourist and business areas of the metropolis and instead put down roots in a quieter, more family friendly region.

While Oviedo may be known for its chickens that wander around unhindered throughout the downtown areas, it should not be known for pests, such as insects and rodents, that could harm homes and businesses. By choosing Falcon Lawn & Pest, individuals and companies can enjoy safe, pest-free home and work environments.

Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control is one of the best places to start in making a home truly safe and comfortable. No one wants to lives with ants swarming through cupboards or with mosquitoes causing mayhem in the backyard. Professionals from Falcon Lawn & Pest treat a variety of the most common area pests as well as those that are lesser know to create homes of which owners can be proud. Treatments are done in an environmentally friendly manner with the products used causing the least possible impact on the environment in compliance with the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control is also an important consideration because pest infestations can create unwholesome work environments and can even drive away business. Whether a hotel or hospital is dealing with a bedbug outbreak or a parking garage or office complex is dealing with rodents inside or on the lawn, Falcon Lawn & Pest quickly treats and controls the problem. We also ensure that buildings are not compromised through termite infestations.

Lawn Services

Our lawn care program focuses on three steps. We begin with coaching through a professional with a degree in turf and shrub maintenance. Next, we turn to conditioning to water, mow and control yard weeds to create strong, healthy grass. Finally, we ensure that the yard has plenty of good nutrition through year-round fertilization programs, pH balancing and disease and fungus control.

Pest Services Provided

Falcon Lawn & Pest is able to control and treat all of the most concerning pests, including the following:

The team of professionals at Falcon Lawn & Pest offers free service quotes so that you will know approximately how much it will cost to treat your lawn, home or business for pests. We can also tell you more about the service plans we offer and get you started with a program designed for your unique needs. Contact Falcon Lawn & Pest today!