palm care largeCentral Florida Palm Tree Care

Falcon Lawn & Pest is proud to contribute to the health of the iconic Florida palm tree. Palm trees represent the personality of the state as an integral part of the landscape. Palm trees require special care, and there are several distinct varieties. Each tree requires a unique approach to dealing with disease, pests, and fertilization.

Caring for Florida’s Palms

Proper diagnosis and professional treatments are critical to maintaining healthy palm trees in Central Florida. Malnutrition, pest infestations and disease can quickly take a toll on seemingly healthy palms.  Falcon’s technicians are trained to recognize these issues and offer the most effective service to eliminate these threats. Being proactive and getting service sooner rather than later allows Falcon to identify and prevent problems to ensure a long, healthy life for your palm trees.

Home in the TropicsPalm Service Includes:

  • Insect Control
  • Disease & Fungus Control
  • Fertilization (Liquid & Granular)
  • Custom Applications
  • Soil pH Testing
  • Irrigation Evaluation
  • Winter & Fall Potassium Treatments
  • Soil Conditioning (for improved soil ferility and aeration)
  • Free Service Calls

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Our process for pest control includes:

  • Analysis and Inspection
  • Customized Solutions
  • Water Reduction Strategies
  • Safe Practices
  • Work Guarantee
  • Extra Services

This integrated approach covers all of the critical areas concerning Florida’s palm trees. Since there are a variety of pests that are attracted to these towering plants, we customize each action plan in order to account for the differences of each situation.

Best Management Practices

Falcon Lawn & Pest proudly adopts the management policies and protocols developed by the distinguished experts at the University of Florida. Our integrated approach to Palm Care extends well beyond the basics. We also seek to promote the longevity of the palm tree by addressing issues related to water use. We can help the tree to resist the harmful effects of various insects while also promoting water conservation. For additional details, or to schedule your free quote, contact us today.