Bed Bug Control

Beds bugs are becoming a very serious problem, making a comeback in the United States. Infesting homes, hotels, movie theaters and various types of businesses across the US. According to the National Institutes of Health, 20% of Americans have suffered from bed bug infestations or know someone who has. These nocturnal pests are often confused with other insects, such as carpet beetles or newborn cockroaches. Ignoring their presence is never a smart decision. Bed bugs are known to be highly resilient and adaptable. Prompt extermination, with the help of an experienced expert, can be the key to successful and long-term eradication of the pests.

How Can Bed Bugs Be Harmful?

Bed bugs are human parasites that feed on blood. They live in the crevices of furniture, mattresses, carpets and any other areas that can provide them with close access to human beings.

Degraded Quality of Life

A bed bug infestation can make the average person lose their cool in short order. Firstly, bed bugs often impact normal rest by biting people when they’re trying to reach REM sleep. Furthermore, knowing that bed bugs are present can make any homeowner anxious about the safety of their domicile.

Health Issues

A prevalent myth associated with bed bugs is that they cause skin irritation and little else. Skin irritation and the scratching associated with it can lead to serious infections. What’s more, the lack of sleep associated with bed bugs can lead to depression, appetite issues and psychosis.

Bed Bug Treatments

Nowadays, it’s been well established that bed bugs can cause disease in some households. They certainly contribute to the spread of Chagas disease, an affliction that kills up to 50,000 people annually.

If you eradicate bed bugs early and often, you’ll save yourself a bundle in remediation costs. For one thing, you’ll have to do less laundry combating these pernicious pests. What’s more, you’ll increase the rental and sale value of your home by rendering it free of bed bugs.

Exterior Treatment

When you call Falcon Lawn & Pest to eradicate bed bugs, we always start with the perimeter. That means assessing ingress points in the siding and the openings first and foremost. We make sure the exterior is free of bed bugs and move on to the residential areas.

Interior Treatment

Once we’ve cleaned the exterior, we look for dormant but still potent sources of bed bugs on the inside. Our trained professionals know what to look for and know how to find bed bug hot spots. We pay special attention to those areas while treating the whole house for bed bugs.

Periodic Reassessments

Any exterminator who tells you that they can eradicate bed bugs in one shot is probably lying. At Falcon Lawn & Pest, honesty is our stock in trade. That’s why our bed bug treatment package includes recurring inspections to ensure that your bed bug situation is under control.

Falcon Lawn & Pest Can Help

Whether you live in Orlando, Kissimmee or Winter Park, our team is always eager to solve bed bug problems. We’ll never leave you in the lurch when you need bed bug solutions ASAP. Contact us today for an inspection.

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