Tropical Hibiscus provide your home with a beautiful pop of color that can last all year long if properly maintained. Because they are a tropical plant they need consistent warmth throughout the fall and winter to keep healthy. When temperatures in Central Florida drop below 40°F it is important to bring your plants indoors, making it more convenient to keep potted plants. However, many Florida residents plant Hibiscus directly into their yards and will require blankets wrapped around the bases’ of the plants to retain any available heat as soon as a cold snap is announced.

Besides temperature considerations, your home’s region will affect the nutrients your Hibiscus requires. In the areas surrounding Orlando, a light regular treatment of a balanced fertilizer is necessary twice a month in spring and summer or once a month in the fall and winter. Further north around The Villages, a balanced but potassium rich fertilizer is needed with the same frequencies. A slow release fertilizer is ideal so you do not risk over fertilizing your Hibiscus and your plant can absorb what it needs as needed.

By properly maintaining your tropical plants you can look forward to beautiful flowers no matter the season.