Heavy books and homework may not be the only thing your kids will be bringing home from school. More reports of bed bugs in schools across the country are coming in every day. Just as it sounds, it can be disastrous.

Over the past decade, the number of reported bed bug infestations has exploded. This growth is a result of a built resistance to a pesticide that nearly made them extinct years ago. No longer are these pests associated with dingy hotel rooms as infestations are occurring everywhere from libraries to movie theaters and now schools.

The only effective means of eradicating bed bugs is a professional removal service but the high price tag can deter people away in favor of do-it-yourself solutions that only make matters worse. The first line of defense is early detection. Inspect your student’s belongings inside books, back packs, lunch boxes and anything else they may be bringing home where these pests might hitch a ride. Parents with bed bug problems at home are encouraged to call their children’s principals so the school is on alert for any issues that may arise.