First things first on the Florida Carpenter Ant, they do not eat the wood in your home like a termite would. The common, large and brown Florida Carpenter Ant will eat rotten wood, but is not eating on the normal type of lumber found in a home. If you encounter the Florida Carpenter Ant you will likely notice its rather large size in comparison to other ants, this is because it is one of the largest types of ants found in Florida. It is also one of the more common ants to find indoors in Florida. 

The Carpenter Ant will bite and it can be painful. To make matters worse they often spray formic acid onto the flesh of something they have recently bitten, which increases the pain. Florida Carpenter Ants like both sweet and protein rich food depending upon which point they are at in their life cycle. They like to be near moisture and away in wall voids so they are safe from people and predators. They forage generally at night and swarm during the spring months, which is the time many people become aware of a home infestation.