Common Pests

Common Pests Cause Everyday Problems

Florida’s beautiful weather and large wooded areas make it a perfect home for many species of insects. As a result, Florida offers a home to a variety of common human-irritating pests, from fleas and ticks to earwigs and fire ants. These bugs break into your home, take refuge in the walls and scurry about in search of food. Some of the more common pests in Central Florida, include:

No matter how clean you keep your home, bugs find a way inside and do not leave until you force them out. Stinging insects, such as bees and wasps, build nests around your patio and prevent you from gathering with your friends and family outdoors. Other bugs, such as cockroaches, carry and spread disease as they crawl along your bathroom and kitchen counters.

Take Action Against Common Florida Household Pests

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Bugs do not just stay in the home and can invade your work place, but Falcon Lawn & Pest offers commercial pest control services and ensures pest-free operation in your office. From spiders to ants, Falcon Lawn & Pest uses specialized equipment and the latest technologies to rid your business of these common pests. For protection against pesky indoor and outdoor pests, talk to the professionals at Falcon Lawn & Pest.