Fire Ant Control

There are lots of outdoor pests that plague homeowners in Florida, but fire ants are some of the most common and dangerous. These pests can pose a major health and comfort issue for you, your family and your pets. It is a serious problem you simply can’t ignore.

Problems Caused by Fire Ants

Because of their nasty sting and their aggressive nature, fire ants cause a major problem for people and pets. Not only can this lead to painful stings and blisters, but can cause anaphylactic shock or even death in some individuals. It is essential to get rid of Fire Ants as soon as possible if you have noticed them in your yard.

How to Get Rid of These Pests

Attempting to get rid of fire ants on your own can prove to be a challenge. Don’t waste money on unreliable home store products or risk exposing yourself to painful stings. Falcon offers a solution that aims to destroy all of the colonies rather than chasing a single mound around your property. We can provide you with affordable and effective fire ant control services and any other pests or lawn-related issues that you might have. Call Falcon Lawn & Pest for a free quote.

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