Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are abundant in the Sunshine State, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take action to protect your family and pets from these dangerous pests. Thankfully, you have a friend in Falcon Lawn & Pest.

Florida Fleas

The most common type of flea found in Florida is the cat flea which, despite its name, is just as willing to feed on your dog as it is a member of the feline persuasion. When a family realizes their dog has fleas, they will usually make an appointment with the vet and put their pet on preventative medication. That’s a great first step, but it still leaves fleas in your home and lawn. The next step is to have a pest professional like us prevent those fleas from ever coming back. 

Florida Ticks

Ticks are as prevalent as fleas and prove to be even more dangerous. Some Florida species carry diseases that can have serious consequences for both pets and their owners. If you know that your lawn has ticks, check both yourself and pets regularly. Falcon can take the appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate the tick population in and around your home.

Trust the Pros at Falcon

DIY efforts to get rid of pests like ticks and fleas are often very ineffective. Call Falcon and get the benefit of our quick results. If you’re ready to rid your home and yard of fleas and ticks, trust the pros at Falcon Lawn & Pest.

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