Lawn Care is a year round job in Florida. The warm weather makes for a great beach day but can take a toll on your lawn. Nice green lawns can start to brown and crisp if they are not treated correctly. 

Even with a great routine lawn care plan, there are things you can’t control. Lawns are extremely susceptible to diseases and even fungus. You may notice that you or a neighbor’s nice lush green lawn has a few brown spots sprouting on the property. This usually means your lawn is infected and trying to fight off a disease. 

The best way to ensure your lawn stays that lush green color year round is to get the proper treatment to fight off lawn diseases. Our experts at Falcon Pest & Lawn can help! 

What are Lawn Fungus and Diseases? 

Lawn fungus and diseases are blemishes to lawns that are caused by pathogens. These pathogens take a hold on grass leading to cosmetic damage and even the death of your grass. 

Lawn diseases and fungi can spread across your lawn rapidly. At first you may notice small yellow spots in your lawn, progressively expanding into large brown areas.

There are many different types of diseases that your lawn can suffer from. As the diseases and fungi differ so do the treatments that are needed to solve the problem.

What pesticides cures one lawn disease might not work on another. Only a true lawn care expert will be able to identify the specific disease and a solution that will be the most effective.

How to Get Rid of Lawn Fungus and Disease?

The only true way to get rid of lawn fungus and disease is hiring an expert lawn care service. As we mentioned before, there are a ton of different diseases that can infect your grass and soil. An expert will be able to identify the problem and provide an effective solution. 

If you notice your lawn browning in areas, hire a lawn care service to inspect your Florida lawn. 

Our Lawn Disease and Fungus Control

We offer a variety of lawn care services to ensure your lawn stays in tip top shape, preventing lawn fungus and diseases. Our experts take the time to inspect the infected areas of your lawn as well as the surrounding property for other potential threats. 

Once we identify the best treatment possible to get your lawn nice and green we will spray the infected areas with the pesticides necessary. After the infected areas are treated we will ensure your lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs by putting a fresh coat of fertilizer over the entire lawn (not just the infected areas).

In order to fight off a disease your lawn will need to be as healthy as possible. A fresh coat of our latest fertilizer will give your lawn all the rich nutrients it needs to get back to that deep green you love to see!

Our Lawn Care Treatment

Go Green Lawn Service

Our Go Green Lawn Care service includes pest control, weed control, fungus and disease control, feralization and even customized soil treatments!

We even include irrigation evaluation to make sure your irrigation system is watering your lawn evenly giving it the nutrients it needs.

Shrub Care

Our Shrub care focuses on the health of your shrubs and plants surrounding your lawn and home. Insects and diseases feed on most shrubs as they are easy to hide in. Our shrub care prevents insects and pests from eating your plants while preventing diseases and fungi from reaching them! 

Palm Tree Care

Fungus and diseases don’t only attack your lawn but your trees as well. We noticed that a lot of Palm trees were infected with these diseases so we created a Palm Tree Care service to help. Insects, diseases,  and fungus are no match for our treatment of customized fertilization and pesticide solutions.

Prevent Disease and Fungus in Your Lawn

You work hard to keep your lawn nice and green year round. Sadly infections and funguses don’t take days off either. If you notice your Florida lawn starting to brown, Falcon Pest & Lawn can help!

We have been keeping lawns green for over 50 years and aren’t stopping any time soon! Contact us today to get a free quote or schedule an appointment.