If you begin to notice dead or thinning patches in your nice green lawn, chances are you could have insects eating your lawn. These dead patches can be a real eye sore and expensive to replace. 

Lawn damaging Insects can be hard to fight off since they are below the surface of your grass. Luckily the professionals at Falcon Lawn & Pest can provide a solution to your problem, Lawn Insect Control.

When to Apply Lawn Insect Control

During the summer months when your grass is fully grown in and healthy is when insects like chinch bugs, mole crickets, grubs and sod webworms begin to feast on your lawn. Once you begin to notice dead patches, or excessive weeds in your lawn it is time for lawn insect control.

Our experts use top of the line lawn care solutions to eliminate and protect your lawn from damaging pests.

Our Lawn Insect Control Service

Not only do we protect your lawn from insects and grubs but your shrubs and trees too. We offer 3 different lawn care packages to protect every inch of your beautiful landscape.

Go Green Lawn Service

Our Go Green Lawn Service includes: Pest, weed and fungus control, fertilization, customized soil treatments and irrigation evaluations.

Shrub Care

Our Shrub Care includes: Insect, disease, and fungus control, fertilization, and custom applications.

Palm Tree Care

Our Palm Tree Care includes: Insect, disease and fungus control, customized fertilization and treatments.

Florida Lawn Insect Control

If your lawn is losing color, let the professional at Falcon Lawn & Pest do what they do best. We will inspect your lawn and find a custom solution to fit your needs. If you are looking for lawn insect control in Florida, we can help!

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