Lawn, Shrub, & Palm Tree Care

Keeping your home property’s lawn, shrubs, and trees beautiful and healthy is a year-round, difficult job that frankly is better left to professionals. Your grass, bushes, plants and palms all need liquid and granular fertilization, disease and fungus control, insect & ant control, and they need all of these at different solutions and formulas depending on a variety of factors (such as weather, soil conditions, pest pressures, disease presence and more). A healthy green yard that you can be proud of is not going to happen from all-in-one bags of “weed and feed” from home improvement stores. A beautiful yard happens when you hire an experienced, professional like us who just-so-happens to be priced quite nicely.

Go Green Lawn Service includes:

Pest, weed and fungus control, fertilization, customized soil treatments and irrigation evaluations

Shrub Care includes:

Insect, disease, and fungus control, fertilization, and custom applications

Palm Tree Care includes:

Insect, disease and fungus control, customized fertilization and treatments.

ALL of our services can be bundled and come with FREE extra services in-between scheduled services

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