Roach Control

Of all the insects that invade residential and commercial buildings, roaches are the most hated and perhaps the most determined to stay. Easily identifiable cockroaches have six legs, long antennae and flat bodies between one half-inch and two inches long. The color depends on species and varies among shades of brown. Roaches feed on all food substances and are known to contaminate food stores and damage household paper products if food runs out.

They also carry a variety of infectious diseases, and cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks in susceptible individuals, including people allergic to shellfish. Roaches have impressive survival skills and reproduce rapidly. A light infestation can quickly explode if you don’t intervene, but without the right tools and experience, roaches are notoriously difficult to eliminate.

Stop Florida Cockroaches with Falcon Lawn & Pest

Because roaches are nocturnal, you may not see live ones in your home until the population is quite large. In heavy infestations, it is common to see roaches scatter when you suddenly turn on a light in a dark room. Other signs include the presence of dark-colored fecal matter inside cabinets and other hidden spots and the empty, oval shell casings from recently hatched eggs. Give us a call today so we can rid these bugs from your home.

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