Rat & Mice Removal

Rodents Reproduce Quickly

Rodents invade homes undetected until you hear scratching in the attic or see droppings along the floor. Oftentimes, these rodents seek shelter from the weather and build temporary nests in the attic or even in the walls. However, once rats establish themselves in your home, they breed quickly and produce dozens of offspring in just a few weeks.

If you have cracks and crevices in the exterior walls, the foundation or the roof, these rodents have an easy way of getting inside. Even a small crack between a window and the wall provides enough space for a rat to squeeze through and raid your home. During the day, these rodents hide within your home’s structure, waiting until night to search for food.

Professional Rodent Removal

When rats and mice move into your home, call Falcon Lawn & Pest. We offer free inspections and work quickly to give you a rodent-free home. Rodent traps don’t always work, and laying poison around your home poses a threat to children and pets. Our certified specialists inspect your home, identify the problem and design a program to eradicate the pests. If you have a rodent problem, contact Falcon for an appointment today.

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