Soil PH & Fertilization

What does pH do? Soil pH helps determine what nutrients are available or unavailable to plants. Many mineral deficiencies are caused by soil pH issues. Most plants prefer lower pH or slightly acidic soils that allow them more access to nutrients.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Soil pH Tested

Testing the pH level is important because an unbalanced soil can wither your grass and surrounding plants. This change in pH causes weeds to become harder to manage. Once this happens, the cost to manage your lawn will rise as it will require additional weed killer solutions and strategies.

Plants grow strong when their pH level is correct for their type. When the pH level is too acidic or doesn’t have enough acid, it produces dull-looking plants. This can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Testing the pH level regularly is important because an unbalanced soil will cause plants to become unhealthy and diseased. Unbalanced soil also causes lawn weeds to become more prevalent and shrubs will appear dull and flowerless. This can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal and future resale value.

Many types of plants and grasses prefer a 6.0 slightly acidic to 7.0 neutral pH level. This makes a 6.5 ph level perfect for most lawns. However, these levels largely depend on what you’re growing.

The Best pH Level for Soil

Many types of plants prefer a 6.0 slightly acidic to 7.0 neutral pH level, making a 6.5 pH level perfect for most lawns and shrubs. 

The Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

A great lawn starts with a great foundation. 

Lawn fertilization provides your lawn with the base layer of nutrition it needs to grow to be healthy and lush in Florida’s nutrient poor sandy soils.

In addition to soil pH testing and fertilization, Falcon’s lawn and shrub services provide these additional benefits:

  • Weed Control
    The thicker the turf the less space there is available for weeds to grow.
  • Repels Pests
    A healthy properly nourished, fertilized lawn is more difficult for pests and diseases to damage and when damage does occur, it will recover faster.
  • Improves Growth
    Every homeowner wants lush thick green grass to cover their yard. A great fertilizer allows grass to grow in thick throughout your lawn, avoiding patchy areas.

Shrub Care

Fertilizer application benefits your shrubs too. Unhealthy nutrient deprived shrubs next to luscious, green grass can ruin the look of an otherwise healthy landscape. Our Shrub Care Service will take care of your shrubs from the fertilization process to plant adulthood.

Palm Tree Care

One of the advantages of living in the sunshine state is that we Floridians get to enjoy the stately palm tree. These trees require extra special lawn care techniques. Our Palm Tree care includes a full service check up to ensure health and longevity of your palm tree.

Falcon’s Go Green Fertilization Service

Residential and commercial landscapes in Central Florida can benefit from our Go Green Lawn Service which offers custom services to craft a beautiful landscape.

Our Go Green Lawn Service Includes:

  • Insect Control (Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms)
  • Weed Control
  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Disease & Fungus Control (Brown Patch, Large Patch, Grey Leaf Spot)
  • Fertilization (Liquid & Granular)
  • Custom Applications
  • Soil pH Testing
  • Irrigation Evaluation
  • Winter & Fall Potassium Treatments
  • Free Service Calls

Hire a Professional Fertilization Company

At Falcon Lawn & Pest Control, we have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to make your lawn thrive! Your solution is customized because each lawn varies from landscape to landscape. 

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