Stinging Insects Control

Nothing can ruin backyard events faster than the sight of insects that have the potential to sting. It’s easy to lump all of them into one group, however, a better choice is to learn some basic facts about bees, hornets and wasps to better understand how to rid yourself of these upsetting and dangerous insects.


Bees can be identified by their round, hairy bodies and fuzzy legs. Unless they sense a threat to their colony, most honey bees are not aggressive. These bees are a marvel of nature and not something we target. However, the same cannot be said for the Africanized Honey Bee or Killer Bee, which is a recent and unwelcome addition here in Florida and many other southern states. Because these intruders sting without provocation they are a threat to populated commercial and residential areas and should only be removed by trained professionals such as Falcon’s experienced and knowledgeable staff.


Compared to honey bees, both wasps and hornets are more unpredictable and aggressive. In fact, it is estimated that thousands of people die each year due to allergic reactions caused by the venom released when they sting. Wasps’ nests, particularly those of the common paper wasp, are umbrella-shaped and are made of salivary secretions mixed with wood fragments. They are usually built under ledges or eaves. Although these insects are not as aggressive as hornets or yellow jackets, they still pose a threat in areas where people congregate.


If hornets have attached one of their inverted teardrop-shaped, ball-like nests to a tree or the side of your house, you have a potentially dangerous situation on your hands. If you accidentally disturb this colony, you can almost instantaneously feel the wrath of the thousands of buzzing, stinging hornets that pour out to protect their territory.

Because of the volatile nature of these pests, it is highly recommended that you leave the job to our Falcon pest professionals, who have been highly trained in safe and effective removal of even the most irritated and dangerous hornets. Instead of wasting your money on inferior products and placing yourself in harm’s way, call Falcon Lawn & Pest today for a free quote. Our competent and caring professionals will correctly identify and eradicate your pests.

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