Subterranean Termite Control

Regardless of who you are, where you live, the age of your home or how it was constructed, your property can fall prey to termites. Each year more than two million homes undergo repair because of damage caused by these voracious pests, at a cost of over five billion dollars annually. Take time to learn about subterranean termites before they multiply and cause you unending grief.

The Facts

As the name suggests, these pests live underground in the soil. They reside in colonies and hold the title of being the most destructive pests to homes and buildings. By the time you see them swarming inside or outdoors, you already have a serious problem.

What to Do

If you live in Florida and own a home, you absolutely need termite protection. Our preventive services keep your home and its contents protected from these little baddies. If you suspect the presence of subterranean termites already, then it is doubly crucial to get immediate professional help from the experts at Falcon Lawn & Pest. Either way, get in contact with us today so that we can prevent and cease termites from literally eating you out of house and home.

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