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Falcon Stops Termites Before They Eat You Out of House and Home

Falcon’s team of expert exterminators has the skills and tools necessary to keep any home or business termite free. They can identify and eliminate threats before termites inflict irreversible damage to your property and your bank account. In addition to inspection and treatment, the Falcon team can show you how to prevent infestations. After a visit from the Falcon professionals, you’ll rest better knowing that unwelcome guests are not dwelling in your walls.

Most home and business owners have plans for disastrous situations such as floods and fires, yet they neglect securing their property against a more silent but equally destructive force: bugs that feed on the very materials from which buildings are made. Termite infestations should not be taken lightly. Consider these facts about the opportunistic creatures:

Termite Facts

  • More than 2 million American homes require repairs due to termite damage every year.
  • Termite damage collectively costs American businesses and homeowners over $5 billion annually.
  • Most homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover damage inflicted by termites.
  • Termites can attack any property regardless of age, location or how the building was constructed.
  • The cellulose found in wooden structures is the Termites main food source.
  • One colony of termites can literally contain millions of bugs.
  • Because termites are so skilled at hiding, most building occupants never notice their presence until structural damage has already been done.

Don’t let termites eat away at your family’s savings or your business’s profits. Just because you’ve yet to see a termite doesn’t mean trouble isn’t brewing in your living room walls. Preserve your integrity and that of your building by calling Falcon and starting a termite prevention plan today. Invite the Falcon team to inspect your property so you can enjoy a life free of uninvited guests. We offer a variety of termite control and protection solutions for subterranean termites, Formosan subterranean termites, drywood termites, and other wood destroying insects and bugs. We offer Sentricon and Termidor services, termite new construction services, WDO Inspections and Reports (Wood Destroying Organism), and tent fumigation, we are your one-stop shop for any and all of your termite protection and elimination needs.

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