Windermere, FL?

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    Although Windermere is a town of less than 4,000, it is part of the huge Orlando metropolitan area, putting it close to major tourist attractions. However, it is a beautiful attraction itself, located directly on the water with many gorgeous waterfront homes. The area boasts fabulous temperatures throughout most of the year, making it a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. However, the heat and the humidity can make the area particularly prone to pest infestations, which should be quickly treated to avoid disease and discomfort.

    We offer many pest and lawn home and commercial service solutions. Our core offerings are as follows:

    Pest Control

    Our quarterly (four times a year) service that prevents and controls cockroaches, ants, silverfish, earwigs, wasps, spiders, and indoor living space rats and mice.

    Go Green Lawn Service, Shrub Care, and Palm Tree Care

    Our bi-monthly (six times a year) services that controls pests, weeds and fungus. These services provide liquid and granular fertilization, winter and fall potassium treatments, and custom applications.

    Termite Protection

    Our termite solutions use the safest and most effective technology available and come in the forms of baiting, liquid, and fumigation options.